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The Ark Posts Flagrantly on Christmas Day!

(R:) This post is made possible by us being in our own house and being currently without any specific winter festival, resulting in us just sort of hanging around and doing housework and staying inside because of the surprise snow we got last night. What with most places of interest being closed today, there was really nothing to do except...spin wheels. And come out from under the rock to post for the first time since forever.

(R:) Which is all a good bit of the reason why the Dragon, BT, and I all ended up with Twitter accounts.

(D:) My Twitter totally lets me post random thoughts AS THEY HAPPEN. Shocking!! Life will never be the same!!

(R:) I swore I'd never get a Twitter. Probably I won't talk much over there because I am hideously verbose, and constraining myself to 140 characters would make me go claustrophobic and eat myself to death. But the others seem to be doing pretty well with theirs. I'm surprised BT hasn't found more porn.

(BT:) There will be time for that. Later. ^^

(D:) I am sad that the Black Library Advent Calendar is over. It was so cool to be able to go check it every day and see what new thing they had.

(R:) The BL "Christmas gift" appears to be truly a full-length novel, which is quite nice of them. The premier price is maybe half (or less) than what they typically charge for a brand-new ebook release.

(R:) I'm kind of torn about Thousand Sons, but I feel that I can trust John French to not create something totally pathetic, so perhaps the Saga of Ahriman and His Woe will end up being nifty. (I admit to being apprehensive about ADB writing a series on Abaddon: The Later Years, as Abaddon's depiction in Soul Hunter was less than stunning. Perhaps he'll surprise us all.)

(BT:) Myself, I feel personally invested in the quest to cause Abaddon to appear more like a douche--that is to say, like a small bag of fluid designed for feminine hygiene, yet questionably useful for such endeavors. That is to say, like a soft plastic thing whose ability to merely do what it says on the box is a matter of great controversy.

(R:) Why do you guys hate him so much?

(BT:) Mostly because he keeps being ragingly successful and continually alive, and absolutely no one else who is in the business of harassing the Imperium can figure out WHY. Imagine the frustration! Why is he so good at what we do? Particularly since, given that many younger generations only know of Horus from hearsay, his star power is surely bankrupt by now.

(D:) Must be those Chaos Maids that run shit behind the scenes.

(BT:) Even that would make better sense.

(R:) Anyway, some months ago we drank more GW Kool-Aid and started buying e-fiction from BL, which has caused our collection to bloat quite a bit, to include lots of short stories and anthologies that I don't think we'd have bothered with otherwise. There are at least a hundred pieces in the review backlog. Once in a while, we discuss ways to review things more efficiently--

(D:) I heard that LibraryThing lets you review books that you have. Maybe that would work, though the individual short stories...probably not.

(D:) Anyway, I want more DW/BC RPG actioning, dammit. There are stupid space marine stories out there that are not being told! Melodrama that's failing to happen!!

(R:) (I suck at life for being unable to figure out the crossover system still...T_T)

(R:) I feel compelled to bring up Pariah in particular, though, as it was the beginning of the long-awaited series that pits Inquisitors Eisenhorn and Ravenor against each other for...I don't know, morality and justice?

(BT:) Revenge? Loneliness?

(D:) Ravenor is totally lonely. I hope he gets a good romantic angle in this series. And yeah, romantic angles are SOMETIMES a good thing. Like with sad disabled dudes stuck in boxes with no one to love them. :_(

(R:) Long story short--it was not especially good. Built fairly well, structure- and development-wise, but just...not enough life in it to justify the hype. Perhaps it'll stand up better when the series is done and all the books can be read back-to-back, but it was sadly forgettable. Apart from the Chaos Marines.

(D&R:) And Eisenhorn PWNING Chaos Marines.

(D:) I don't care how unrealistic that is. Eisenhorn is another badass disabled dude who deserves some over-the-top Chuck-Norris-ing. Maybe it'll start a trend of more people casting old guys with serious spinal damage as action heroes.

(BT:) The representative from my Legion was charmingly sedate, but also rather generic. There are still too few people writing devotees of the Four Gods like actual people and less like machine-stamped clones of each other.

(R:) And I got two Legions that I irrationally adore...so far, there's nobody that the Dragon particularly likes, though.

(D:) I don't really have a preference. I'm more for what happens instead of who does what. Like when ADB and Reynolds write how people get their heads punched off. THAT is hilarious. So mostly I'm watching for how all the different Legion reps interact. I mean, they're not interacting at all right now, except for being dramatic and sometimes killing each other offscreen. I mean, I know that's how Chaos Marines make friends, but still.

(BT:) I see. So you also are waiting for that Emperor's Child to lock himself in a bathroom with some Vaseline and sandpaper and think very busily and at length about that tangle he had with the Word Bearers.

(D:) Wouldn't that be IC? And maybe the Alpha Legion was just out looking for Facebook friends and didn't mean to go around killing anybody at all. Maybe they thought they were going to just show up for a weekend and help some nice renegade move house.

(BT:) ...I could so see the Alpha Legion as having only one Facebook profile for "Alpharius," with the password shared out to at least five hundred brothers whose Facebook interaction styles were perfectly identical. <3

(R:) ...I forget what else I was thinking of talking about. Anyway, Pariah is still a better ride than Titanicus, for comparison's sake.

(D:) Riss is still failing to make RPG things for us. Let's all make sad eyes at Riss.

(BT:) How will I ever go about sleeping with all of your NPCs if they have no stats??

(D:) Dude, what??

(R:) In other news, tangentially relevant to 40K discussions (in a geometric sense), we bought a blue-tongued skink about a month ago and have been adapting to skink-ownership ever since. The lizard takes after the Dragon way too much.

(D:) That's because the lizard is AWESOME and realizes that we share the kinship inherent in all reptiles or something like that. We totally need to soak in a sunbeam together. KINDREDNESS, etc.

(R:) Originally, the plan was to name the skink Ambrose, after one of the actual Thorn Astartes. However, since nobody could give us a straight answer (that was not a complete random guess) on the skink's sex, I put forth the more gender-neutral "Thorn." Even the vet said that skinks were nearly impossible to sex by probing and that there was no blood test that could determine reptile sex from DNA (WTF, veterinary science?).

(R:) In the end, I admit that we had to use the oldschool method and just watch zir poop a few times, after which I'm fairly certain that zie's female. So it was quite a good thing that we didn't name zir after any actual Thorn...

(R:) Regarding the odd decision to name a pet reptile anything that had to do with the Thorns (I admit, I do just like the name "Ambrose" regardless of what the man himself is like)...yeah, I'm not sure myself. I saw Lord Tarrasque looking thoughtfully into the skink tank, but since it takes quite a bit to piss off anyone in his unit it seems that he doesn't really care either way and was just curious.

(R:) After noticing what Lil Thorn does with zir substrate, I almost wished that I'd tried to find a name relating to the Iron Warriors ("Perturabo" would have been awesome, if not the best name for a gendervague likely-female), except that that would have forced me to live for the next 30 years in the same house as a Graham McNeill reference, which would have driven me completely insane.

(R:) Anyway, baby photos, as promised. Lil Thorn is a wild-caught Indonesian skink, so zie's still pretty fierce--zie's also freaked out by the camera and does a defense-freeze when I try to get a pic, so that's why we have no adorable photos of zir showing off zir handsome blue tongue. :(

* Lil Thorn cooking in a sunbeam!
(R:) Lil Thorn is a little less than two feet long, and shouldn't be getting any longer. The size was one thing that made me settle on this species, because tiny lizards get lost too easily while giant lizards are too hard to house and feed.

(D:) Aren't her colors pretty?? She shed right after she got here. She's still kind of shedding, actually...

* Lil Thorn ACTION SHOT.
(R:) Here zie is, exploring my worktable and its assorted stuff for scrimshawing and working with dead animal parts.

(D:) We describe BTS to other people as "a weiner dinosaur," which is totally accurate because of the fat, snakelike body and super-ittybitty legs. Thorn can fucking MOVE when she wants to, though. Yeah, watching her crawl around on her tummy is just as ubercute as you can imagine it is. <3

* In which Lil Thorn proves that no obstacle is too confusing for her, even a tomato pincushion.
(R:) Actually, I think zie was kind of confused, in a "What the hell did I climb on top of this thing for again??" sort of way. The pincushion's full of quilting pins that I got to sharpen up for scrimshawing.

(D:) Thorn has crap on her head all the time because her face, like some kind of Swiss Army skull, can be used as an e-tool, a grappling hook, and Crushing Jaws of Death. Seriously, she'll lever herself up onto things with her chin because her legs are too short to reach anything, and when she finds an unfamiliar solid object she'll usually punch it with her face a little to see if she can dig under it.

(D:) She built these epic trenches and bunkers and things out of the wood hides and bark in her tank. Captain Forrix would be proud. *sniff* Speaking of that--

(D:) I know it's kind of hard to get the story out of this pic, but basically she keeps burrowing under those bits of slate and then busting out from underneath like some tiny badass combat engineer making a tiny badass combat mine. <3 SURPRISE, MOTHERFUCKERS!!

(R:) I would look into getting Lil Thorn a Sapper tab, but I think zir legs are too tiny for rope-climbing and zie doesn't like water enough to manage the swim. :/

(R:) I could get an Army Combat Engineers decal for zir tank, though...hmmmm.

* Lil Thorn performs NINJA VANISH.
(R:) Lil Thorn gets out a bit more now that she's calmer, but a lot of the time this is as much of zir as you'll see when zie's in zir tank. Zie burrows under just about any damn thing, we think so that zie can have hard cover and camouflage in place in case the terrorists attack.

(R:) ...I sometimes joke about how my lizard has PTSD on account of being wild, but that's actually pretty accurate. There are quite a few similarities between wild animals and people with PTSD...

* Lil Thorn prepares to spring an ambush.
(R:) And here's another pic of what zie looks like when zie's waking up in the morning and disinterring zirself from the substrate-igloo that she makes every night. We walked past the tank in the morning and there was this enormous pile of bark with a random lizard head sticking out of it. Great times.


(R:) The last thing on the list is to pimp the collective writing journal again--most of the stuff in there is mine or collaborations, but not exclusively. I recommend bone_rosary @ DW because we gathered four separate LJs into one and then built a new tagging system to make searches easier, so it's more of a one-stop shop. (Links to all the separate LJs that compose it are in its profile--they're all being updated still as well.)

(R:) Recently, I've been trying to prompt myself to write something as close to every day as I can get. We started watching the Mushishi anime again (it's a local favorite, and very good, if you've never seen it), and I was stricken by this idea of using each episode as a writing prompt for what ended up being dark 40K stories involving the Exorcist Astartes Chapter. (I know, so little variety to me nowadays, but I figure that at least I'm writing...;_;)

(R:) Four of those stories are up in the fiction journals now, along with a bunch of poetry that I dumped in there months ago without telling anybody, so if you are ever constipated and need some good toilet reading, bring your smartphone or laptop in with you, camp out, and enjoy~~ ^^

(R:) Now I think we need to shower and sleep.

(BT:) Goodnight, Internet. <3


Thorn is cute!!!

And I also agree that Mushishi is great :]
Thorn is WAY too cute. She is also starved for the innocent blood of crunchy insects. o_O

The Mushishi manga looks like it's mostly out of print for the moment, though I'm hoping that that's because they're maybe putting omnibus editions together. I want to read it so bad now. X(
Dude. DUDE. Remember Johnny Holiday vs. Fanimecon? I totally called this, dude. I predicted THE MOTHER-F'N-FUTURE.


Yes, it really is DBZ. Versus God. XD

Anyways, hope you had a Merry Xmas. We need to stop being hermits, dammit, and when I say "we," I refer to myself in the sense that I've been playing too many goddamn video games and need to start being creative again. ^^; I recently got some motivation from fellow co-workers of mine, but your input has always been invaluable. Quit being hermit-like and stay in touch more often, or I'll fly back to the states just to powerbomb you through a flaming table. ;) Hope all is well~
...I am so shocked that DBZ is still making movies after all this time. (Why is God hanging out with Anubis? Is Anubis an exception to the "jealous god" thing...?) Is Goku going to fight Shakyamuni Buddha after he cleans house with God?? o_O;

Shit is so weird.

If you powerbombed me through a table, I'd at least see you again. :) I miss you guys, even if I can no longer drink copious amounts of alcohol with y'all. Judging from his blog, Snipe is still alive out there somewhere also...
Feeling's likewise, dude. We must stay in touch more often.

Oh, and in the trailer, there's a good god and a bad god (the Anubis guy), so I guess it's technically Goku vs. the Devil? Or something? I dunno. But hey, let's just take the weirdness up a notch with Jesus and Buddha living together as roommates in modern Japan.


You just can't make this stuff up XD
...Holy crap. I want to see that one even more. *____* It's kind of awesome that Jesus is wearing the crown of thorns around all casually, even after being resurrected in modern Japan. WTF?

Would totally pay money to get it with subs. Damn my Japanese fail. T_T