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Semi-Quick Startup/Advice Guide to FLIGHT RISING!

(Riss + more:)
The info collected below came from the experiences of myself (Horologos of Plague Flight), Blind Tiger (HouseOfBells of Arcane Flight), and the Dragon (TEAMKAIJU of Fire Flight) on the Flight Rising website game. The official FAQ/howto is the game Encyclopedia; this guide will only focus on the very basics and give some tips that we had to discover for ourselves.

- Feed the clan. Keeping overall energy above 80% usually only requires one feeding per 24 hours.
- Gather more food and items. Unused gathering turns are lost at the end of the day.
- Incubate all occupied nests.
- Bond with familiars.
- Visit the Trading Post at least once per day: get a free item from Pinkerton, see if Crim wants to buy anything you have, see if you can trade anything with Swipp.
- All else is optional. The "dailies" don't take very long at all unless you have very large numbers of familiars, as you have to bond with each of them individually.

Why does it matter?
--- Eye color. (Very important to some breeders!) Each Flight has a characteristic eye color, and all hatchlings born in a clan's nests will have the clan Flight's eye color regardless of their parents' heritage. Example: You're an Arcane clan. You bought a (gold-eyed) Light dragon from the Auction House and your friend BuddyGuy is loaning you one of his (blue-eyed) Water dragons. When the two breed in your clan's nest, all the babies will have Arcane (dead sexy magenta) eyes and be elementally Arcane.
--- Aesthetics & like minds. Each Flight was clearly meant to appeal to certain types of personalities, but a lot of people in each just really like the Flight's color or sense of architecture or something, so don't stress much over it.
--- Each clan gets to change Flights once for free, so do it if you need to. Subsequent changes will cost you Gems.

Why does it matter?
--- Dragons need food energy to fight in the Coliseum and breed.
--- Your clan can get nice daily bonuses if you keep the clan's overall energy over 80% for at least three days. Overall clan energy is shown by the red-yellow-green bar in the upper right.
--- Dragons are unkillable; if their energy hits zero they "hibernate" until you feed them enough. That's the worst that can happen. Dragons can only be made to go away forever if you exalt them.
--- Each breed of dragon will eat only certain types of foods; hover over a dragon for a tooltip telling you what they eat. Some breeds can only eat one thing. Others have a hierarchy of preferences and will eat their first pick until you run out, then eat subsequent food types until they're full.
--- Get raw food items by gathering according to food type. Sidebar > Clan > Gather Items, then Hunt for Meat, Fish for Seafood, Catch for Insects, or Forage for Plants. You get a limited number of gathering turns per 24 hours, so finding food does cut into your item-collecting.
--- Food is NOT EDIBLE until you convert it to food points! This allows you to keep some food items aside for trading, selling, etc. so rare/valuable things don't get casually eaten. Hover over the item's picture to see how many food points you'll get from converting it; these points are added to the totals for each type of food at the top of the screen.
--- Food items are sold in the Auction House, singly and in bulk, if you somehow run out.

Why does it matter?
--- Dragons with even one relative in common in the past five generations cannot breed. You'll need to buy unrelated dragons for breeding unless you don't mind having only one breeding pair in your clan.
--- While random skill drops do happen in the Coliseum, it's more reliable to buy advanced skills and power-up stones for dragons that you want to use a lot in battle.
--- Money will usually be needed to get all the cooler stuff like genes, clothing, familiars, really uber dragons, etc.
--- Gems are gourmet game money that can be bought with real money. The gem:treasure conversion rate drifts between 1:120 - 1:150. Mine the assorted sales forums to find out what it is at any particular time. Some exclusive items can only be bought with gems, and gems are also often used for very expensive transactions just to prevent people from having to throw millions of treasure-points around.
--- Treasure is ordinary game money that you can get from selling items, playing games, exalting most dragons, etc.
--- Gems are abbreviated "G" (15G); treasure/gold is abbreviated "t" (400t, 15kT = 15000t).
--- Familiars. Bond with each one every day to get more money and the occasional treasure chest from them over time.
--- Breeding and selling dragons. The dragon economy is currently flooded with exotics, so it's great for buyers and not so great for using as a cash staple.
--- Exalting dragons. Most people train in the Coliseum just to get more money from the dragon gods when sacrificing their clanmates. A totally untrained dragon will get you around 2kT, level 5 will get you around 8kT, and you'll get over 10kT for level 7. Exalting very high-ranked dragons can get you even more treasure plus gems, rare familiars, and other awesome stuff.
--- Selling items. While you can just sell things for their face value for quick cash, it's useful to visit Crim at the Trading Post as many times a day as you can (she resets every hour). Try to make a practice of keeping at least one of every single type of item you ever find, food and all. Over time, you'll have enough variety to sell her something every time you visit. Be aware of the value of your rarer items (including what they're going for at the Auction House), because she often doesn't have the best price for those. Jump on the chance to get 500t for a handful of sticks, though.
--- Playing Fairgrounds games. Easy-level Jigsaw puzzles can be completed in 4-6 minutes; higher levels may not be worth the time required, depending on how good you are at jigsaws. Runestones is also a quick game, since it comes with a time constraint, and is our local favorite cash cow. You can make a maximum of 75kT per 24 hours in the Fairgrounds before the games stop producing money.
--- Forking over real-world money. You can buy gem bundles with Paypal, if you really want to. (We haven't done a single thing with gems since we signed up. :P)

Why does it matter?
--- Items let you do things like feed your dragons, use familiars, assign advanced fighting skills, dress your dragons funny, and obsessively collect stuff for no reason.
--- Daily gathering turns. In addition to the four food-gathering skills, you can also have your clan Scavenge (look for things on top of the ground) or Dig (look for things under the ground).
--- Pinkerton at the Trading Post. He gives away one free, random item per 24 hours.
--- Familiars. They give you treasure chests when their affection "levels up."
--- The Coliseum. Actual money is fairly scarce in the Coliseum; far more common are food items and sometimes combat-related items and familiars.
--- The Marketplace. There are separate treasure and gem markets here. The treasure markets sell items until they run out and are occasionally restocked; the gem markets never run out.
--- The Auction House. Prices here are set by sellers (with a chunk taken out for "processing fees," if you go to sell something yourself), so they tend to fluctuate wildly, but this is the most reliable place to find specific items.
--- Each time you use a gathering turn, you can choose which elemental country to go to. Many items overlap, but some can only be found in certain lands, so try to explore.
--- You can sometimes find a familiar while gathering food (such as moth or scorpion familiars from insect catching).
--- Digging will sometimes give you treasure chests of various types.
--- Scavenging will sometimes give you an orphaned, unhatched dragon egg of the Flight whose land you were searching in. These hatch into randomly-colored babies from one of the four starter breeds. Breeders value these "first gen" dragons because they have no family tree and can therefore breed with any dragon at all (except their own descendants).

Why does it matter (apart from the cool factor of giving pets to your dragons)?
--- Familiars will each give you money once per day, increasing the amounts when they come to like you more over time. When their affection "levels up," they'll also give you a treasure chest.
--- You can have as many copies of a particular familiar as you like (5 Hedgehogs, etc.), but only one of each type can be assigned to one of your dragons at any time.
--- Familiars bond with the entire clan, not just with one particular dragon. You can unequip them and switch them around as much as you like and not affect their affection rating as long as they stay in your clan's possession. If you have more familiars than you have dragons, you can use one dragon to bond with several familiars daily by bonding, unequipping, equipping another, bonding, etc.
--- If you have multiple instances of a familiar and you want to sell the extras, the ones you have not bonded with will be sold first automatically. You'll keep the affection of that creature as long as you don't sell the last one.

Why does it matter?
--- In every Flight we've seen, sellers will advertise discount prices for Flightmates. You'll need to make a transaction directly with these people.
--- Sometimes cool people give stuff away for free. :B
--- Dragons can only be traded directly through the Crossroads. If someone wants to give you or sell you a dragon, you'll get an Alert message in your upper-right info box telling you to go to the Crossroads and see the transaction under Trade Offers. You can refuse it if the terms aren't what was agreed upon, etc. Crossroads transactions can be dragon-for-dragon or dragon-for-money; you can't use it to convert treasure to gems. Transactions involving money require at least 1t to go through, so that's the typical "price" for a gift or a dragon loan.
--- Items are given directly through FR email/direct message (Clan > Messages). There's no Crossroads-like system set up for item sales yet, so basically you attach your money or item to your message and just trust that the other person is holding up their end by sending their item/money to you. :/
--- Email/message items and money as attachments.
--- Set up a Crossroads transaction for dragons. Shop > Crossroads > Initiate Dragon Trade. Type in the username of the person you're dealing with. You can then choose what you're trading (your money/their dragon, your dragon/their dragon, your dragon/their money) and browse both clans' lairs in order to select the right dragon/s. Once you send the completed transaction, the other user gets an Alert and can then accept or decline the offer.

Why does it matter?
--- (Note: at some point, FR will be implementing "Adventures" that you can take your trained dragons on, at which point the exact builds and elements of your party will probably matter more. Right now, the Coli is mostly level-grinding and doesn't require very elaborate skill combinations or anything.)
--- Leveling dragons for better exaltation bonuses. The primary use of the Coliseum at the moment, and where many powergamers make most of their money. Fighting doesn't create much cash in itself, but leveled-up dragons will give you more money/gems/swag upon exaltation than untrained dragons.
--- Gaining Flight dominance through duels and exaltation pushes. You can choose to fight another clan's party (and are randomly matched with one near your party's level) and earn dominance points for your Flight by remaining a top contender. Leveled-up dragons are also worth more exaltation points, such that three L10 dragons would be worth more during a dominance push than 10-15 L1 hatchlings. Lots of users frantically powerleveling lots of dragons is the main event during a push week.
--- Hatchlings and unnamed dragons cannot be included in Coliseum parties.
--- Different breeds have different starting stats and skills, but (so far as we can tell) rarer breeds have no real combat advantage. Similarly, putting genes or clothes/armor on a dragon does nothing to its combat capabilities.
--- The FR universe has eleven elements that are weak or strong against each other in ways that may or may not make sense. We're still discovering new interactions ourselves. Some are predictable, like Lightning beating Water or Light beating Shadow. Some, like Lightning beating Arcane, probably make sense for lore reasons. It's complicated, but useable (there's a table of element interactions in the Encyclopedia). Some skills are elementally unaligned, but others can only be used by dragons of a particular Flight/element. Getting a good mix of elements is another reason why it's useful to bring in dragons from outside your Flight/clan.
--- Each Coliseum area is labeled with the levels it's designed for. If you have even one dragon in your party who is higher than the stated levels, you'll get no XP bonuses from successive victories. If your group is in that range or lower, then you'll get extra XP for each battle you win in a row without returning to the main screen to heal.
--- Dragons only lose energy in fights if the whole party dies or if you flee. Useable hit points are regenerated by choosing to return to the menu screen, which breaks any victory chain you have.
--- You get no XP for partial victories, such as if you killed some of the enemies and then fled.
--- All dragons will get the same amount of XP from a victory even if they died or didn't do anything.
--- Typical powerleveling involves two high-level fighters and one exalt-bait (or future high-level fighter) fighting in the highest leveled area possible. If the weaker dragon is only for exalting, put all its level-up points in defensive characteristics and, if you want, just have them Defend all the time. They'll still get XP if they die and will resurrect with a small amount of HP/energy if the rest of the party continues to another fight without healing.

Why does it matter?
--- There is no daily cap on how much money can be made from exalting, which is why it's often seen as a primary source of cash.
--- All exaltations are tracked during the week and totaled at the end of every Saturday to determine the dominant Flight for the next week. Dominance gives all members of a Flight bonuses such as char boosts in combat and an extra daily gathering turn.
--- When you click on a dragon to open its full profile, there's an Exalt button in the upper right (next to the Auction button). When you're perfectly alright with never seeing that dragon ever again, click it and say Okay. Your dragon will be bloodily sacrificed Raptured into your particular dragon god's heaven and will serve in their angelic armies for all eternity. Your clan will receive money and goodies proportionate to the level of the dragon exalted.
--- If you are buying dragons from Auction specifically to exalt them, NAME THEM BEFORE EXALTING. (Using the random name generator is fine.) Be aware that any dragon auctioned for 8kT or less is understood to be "exalt-bait" and will probably not be around long. There continues to be bad blood against people who exalt unnamed dragons that they didn't hatch themselves.

Why does it matter (apart from aesthetics)?
--- Rarer breeds of dragons and dragons with special genes are worth more in the Auction House (though the dragon economy has tanked and you can now grab many choice beasts for cheap). Same goes for dragons who are all one color, ex. primary and secondary both Obsidian, with even more value if the tertiary is Obsidian also.
--- Rarer breeds of dragons take longer to recover from breeding, so you'll get fewer clutches out of them.
--- Every dragon has three colors. Primary is the body. Secondary is wings and assorted other things. Tertiary is generally invisible and only appears when a tertiary gene is applied to the dragon.
--- Children have their colors randomly generated from the spectrum of colors between the parents' colors, so a child primary can be any color between the parents' primaries on the FR color wheel. TL;DR: GO HERE, PLUG IN MOM & DAD'S INFO, GET RANGE OF POSSIBLE HATCHLING COLORS.
--- Each type of gene is locked to either primary, secondary, or tertiary color, applying its effects only to that color/body part. Generally they come in pairs, ex. Tiger puts stripes on the body (primary color), Striped puts stripes on the wings (secondary color).
--- You can buy mutagenic scrolls in the Marketplace or Auction House to add genes to dragons, change a dragon's breed, or randomly give a dragon new colors (Scatterscroll). At the moment, it's much, much cheaper to just buy pre-gened dragons from the Auction House than to breed Basic (non-gened) dragons and add genes to each of them.
--- Any male+female pair can reproduce, regardless of breed or genes. However, the more common genes override the rarer ones, so breeding a Basic (non-gened) dragon from one of the four starter breeds to a rarer breed will give you hatchlings that are all of the commoner parent's breed; similarly, there's only about a 10% chance that a gene will appear in children if one parent has it and the other parent is Basic. If both parents' breeds are equally rare, or if each parent has some type of gene in the same place, then there's a 50% chance of each breed and each gene occurring. Example: A Tiger/Shimmer/Circuit mirror (triple-gened starter breed) breeds with a Basic/Basic/Basic Imperial (ultra-rare breed with no special genes). All children will be mirrors because mirror is the commoner of the two breeds. Each of the mirror parent's special genes has an independent 10% chance of appearing in children. Another Example: A Basic/Eye Spot/Basic Spiral breeds with a Basic/Shimmer/Basic Ridgeback--both breeds are equally rare and both parents have a gene on their secondary color. Each child has a 50% chance of being either breed. Each child will have one of the two secondary genes with a 50% chance of each.
--- When you click on an empty nest to begin breeding, you can test-drive pairings by clicking the button at the bottom that will show you sample hatchlings (or you can use the color spectrum generator linked above). The samples are randomly generated according to the parents' colors and are not the actual hatchlings that you'll get.
--- As mentioned above, the only way to get different dragon eye colors is by hatching them from a nest of the appropriate Flight. Very involved breeders have been known to rent nests from people in other Flights just to get eyes that will go well with certain colors.
--- Different breeds have different post-coital recovery times, with rarer breeds having to go longer between clutches. A dragon that can't breed has an icon of an egg with a red X over it in their profile; hover over the icon to see how many days it will be before that dragon is breedable again.

Why does it matter?
--- Being the dominant flight gives all Flight members bonuses for the entire week.
--- Some people have lots of Flight spirit and love the idea of the whole team pulling as one, which is why "dominance push weeks" get organized. Naturally, Flights want to be dominant during their elemental holiday week, so those pushes are predictable, but Flights can schedule them at any time.
--- January has no holiday, but all other months have a week-long festival of one of the eleven elemental dragon gods. Dominance for that week is still up for grabs, though there has been a ladies'/gentlemen's agreement so far that other Flights will not compete with a particular Flight's pre-festival push. It's still something that needs to be worked for.
--- Each holiday is preceded by a contest where users design dragon skins based on the holiday's theme. These skins drop in special chests throughout the week and are available in the Coliseum and gem market. Further, there's a type of "carnival cash" that you collect by doing any type of gathering in the holiday Flight's domain. These (otherwise worthless) items are traded in for holiday familiars and bling at a booth that's only open for that week.
--- Sidebar > Play > Dominance shows the current rankings.
--- Each Flight has a private forum only accessible to its members and this is where all dominance planning happens. Organizers are likely already in place for each Flight, but they're completely self-motivated and not chosen in any way, so jump in without preamble if you're inclined.
--- To get dominance on a certain week, a Flight must push for the entire week before in order to have the most and highest-leveled dragons exalted by the end of Saturday.
--- If you are not the type for highly-organized events and planning and such, or if you are bewildered by the organizers' equations and tracking spreadsheets and schedules and shared Google docs, just do whatever you're able to do whenever you're able to do it. Big Brother is not watching you ignore push week. Powergamers can exalt a hundred or more dragons each during a week, but don't feel bad if you can only afford/hold ten and weren't able to level them much. Every little bit goes toward the total.
--- There are slightly different permutations in the process with every Flight, but pushing is essentially focused on gathering huge numbers of dragons from anywhere and levelling and exalting them as fast as possible.
--- Teams are often formed where certain users/clans accept certain roles and pass dragons among themselves at different stages in the process. Some act as collectors of hatchlings, holding the flood of incoming dragons until they mature and can be leveled or just exalting them if they won't mature in time. Some help collect extra-large stores of food to keep the levellers fueled. And some focus entirely on grinding dragons to certain levels in the Coliseum and then exalting them. Naturally, there needs to be trust and good communication among the group because unbelievable quantities of game money and resources are changing hands rapidly.
--- A less intense way of participating is by helping out with push week raffles, which seem to be traditional everywhere. Flights usually have one giant public raffle on one of the main boards and then a smaller raffle among themselves on their private board. People get "tickets" by donating dragons to the exaltation machine or by giving game money (which is then used by the push organizers to buy more dragons from the Auction House to exalt).
--- Apart from the pre-holiday dominance push, Flights pick other push weeks based on debates between members who care about such things (join in or not, as you like). These weeks are usually contested, sometimes very aggressively. Raffles sometimes occur, depending on how much actual support there is for the week chosen.

That was not really very short after all. :/ If you have any questions, need clarification, or if I somehow missed a topic, just ask one of us and we'll work to fill the gap. :)


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A bunch of stuff I've been finding is labeled "crafting material". Is there actually a crafting system in-game here?
I wish there was, but I haven't even heard rumors of it. The closest it has is Swipp's system of trading raw/low-value items for finished goods at random. :/
I usually talk to you via my other journal, _vii_ or arc_in_transit. This is my primary journal, and there really isn't any reason to hide behind alts anymore. I am also returning to LJ because Tumblr doesn't really lend itself well to any expression other than "like/reblog." I hope you have been well, and I just wanted to thank you for talking me through some difficult situations.