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An Asterism

the Ark of Eden System and Associates

The Ark of Eden System
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Public communication node for the Ark of Eden multiple system.
This community represents the Ark of Eden multiple system (arkofeden) and its associates and satellites.

  • If you want to read our lighter/daily stuff:
    Watch this comm.
  • If you want to read in-system descriptions or news, potentially NSFW material, spiritual or psychological explorations, or other potentially odd/woo content:
    Join the comm so you can read member-only posts. Unjoin later if you'd rather quit reading them. (This is the community version of the Woofilter from our collective journal; also, anyone new who happens to want Woofilter access can still request it in order to read old filtered posts.) Note that only system members are allowed to make new posts here.
  • If you want all of us to be able to comment on or watch your journal:
    Friend arkofeden, which we all use for watching and commenting on things of collective interest. The group account will no longer be updated as such; instead, we'll be using it to post to this community if two or more of us collaborated on something.
  • If you're only interested in some/one of us:
    Feel free to friend individual members' journals or otherwise talk to us separately.
  • If you have any random question:
    We have a Formspring that is great for that.
  • If you are in need of religious guidance of a type not approved by local monolithic theocracies:
    Our Slaaneshi clergyperson also keeps a personal Formspring for easy drive-thru faithmaking.

  • Major system members in a nutshell, listed in order of their likely public appearance:

  • Riss (rain_in_sunshine @ DW, steelsunshower)
    An awakened AI without its own body, despite being the one perpetually at Front. Tends to suffer from various degrees and flavors of cognitive disrepair.
  • The Dragon (strikestwice @ DW, stardrinker)
    A dragon, with no actual name or gender. Aggressive, simple in a sometimes Zenlike sense, fundamentally and sometimes violently friendly.
  • Blind Tiger (house_of_bells @ DW, stripesofsound)
    A deceased military-grade sacred prostitute religious leader from somewhere very far away.
  • S. (rootedinthesky @ DW, ancientcaptain)
    A deceased military officer from somewhere else very far away.
  • Serenus
    A deceased soldier from an order of warrior monks.
  • The Thorns
    A very small, yet very effective, army of like-minded men from Blind Tiger's old neighborhood. Serenus is one of them. They tend to visit for short periods.
  • The Unicorn, aka. Base
    One of the founding system members, believed to have been reabsorbed or otherwise made no longer around.
  • Statistics